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4/04/06 - Wooo Rammstein Tour Videos

23/10/05 - Added pictures from the hovercraft museum openday. Hovercraft Open Day

Kempton Park Engines
Kew Bridge Engines
Crossness Engines
Knowl Hill Rally
A couple of Minature railways
Historic Dockyard
Hovershow 2004
Several Parties
And more
Kempton Park Kew Bridge Crossness Engines Knowl Hill
Minature Railways Historic Dockyard Hovershow Birthdays

10/10/06 - Added random programming information

21/10/05 - Added a Google searcher to search for files mp3's avi's and webcams.

08/9/05 - Added a linux section with details on Radeon 9500 Drivers, NF7 Motherboard Fix and the nx9005 Special Keys

07/9/05 - Added a daily sudoku, this is updated daily

07/9/05 - Added a web based php sudoku solver and a sudoku generator.

29/8/05 - Added a JIGSAW function to EVERY picture, just go into any picture and click jigsaw for a jigsaw of that picture.

14/5/05 - Fixed MSN Block Checker it should work properly now again.

15/2/05 - Woa! DNS lookups seems to be working on Virgin now so proper internet, see NEC page for Java games links.

25/1/05 - Internet Access on an Unlocked NEC e616, info put up on the NEC page, also a tutorial on compressing videos for the phone.

18/1/05 - Whole new look to the gallery 100's maybe a 1000 new pics up enjoy!

29/10/04 - Oh well there goes another opportunity, no longer secss webmaster that lasted, maybe a week lol, onto much better things


Its Done!
well apart from exhaust repainting the clutch and a few bearings it is and it runs !.

ARGHAGRHGAHGRH, i dont know what shall i do, ive half designed a whole new system for this site but i dunno arghargha, oh well il see what happens

20/04/04 - Random: Put information about Electrolosis Rust Removal up on the ATCO page, including before and after pictures.

ATCO Rust Removal Setup

12/04/04 - Random: Got myself a proper picture, sophisticated!

Wall Picture

08/04/04 - Update: Got home from uni ended up with the most messed up monitor ever, the convergence was o