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4/04/06 - Wooo Rammstein Tour Videos

23/10/05 - Added pictures from the hovercraft museum openday. Hovercraft Open Day

Kempton Park Engines
Kew Bridge Engines
Crossness Engines
Knowl Hill Rally
A couple of Minature railways
Historic Dockyard
Hovershow 2004
Several Parties
And more
Kempton Park Kew Bridge Crossness Engines Knowl Hill
Minature Railways Historic Dockyard Hovershow Birthdays

10/10/06 - Added random programming information

21/10/05 - Added a Google searcher to search for files mp3's avi's and webcams.

08/9/05 - Added a linux section with details on Radeon 9500 Drivers, NF7 Motherboard Fix and the nx9005 Special Keys

07/9/05 - Added a daily sudoku, this is updated daily

07/9/05 - Added a web based php sudoku solver and a sudoku generator.

29/8/05 - Added a JIGSAW function to EVERY picture, just go into any picture and click jigsaw for a jigsaw of that picture.

14/5/05 - Fixed MSN Block Checker it should work properly now again.

15/2/05 - Woa! DNS lookups seems to be working on Virgin now so proper internet, see NEC page for Java games links.

25/1/05 - Internet Access on an Unlocked NEC e616, info put up on the NEC page, also a tutorial on compressing videos for the phone.

18/1/05 - Whole new look to the gallery 100's maybe a 1000 new pics up enjoy!

29/10/04 - Oh well there goes another opportunity, no longer secss webmaster that lasted, maybe a week lol, onto much better things


Its Done!
well apart from exhaust repainting the clutch and a few bearings it is and it runs !.

ARGHAGRHGAHGRH, i dont know what shall i do, ive half designed a whole new system for this site but i dunno arghargha, oh well il see what happens

20/04/04 - Random: Put information about Electrolosis Rust Removal up on the ATCO page, including before and after pictures.

ATCO Rust Removal Setup

12/04/04 - Random: Got myself a proper picture, sophisticated!

Wall Picture

08/04/04 - Update: Got home from uni ended up with the most messed up monitor ever, the convergence was out by about 1/2 cm at the edges eww, after furthur inspection i found a dry joint which fixing almost fixed the problem. The weeks of the monitor being hit when it went wrong meant the convergence was still awful so i adjusted the convergence. I later setup a pc for the family, the monitor was far too bright and had retrace lines, turning the screen down a bit seemed to fixed that. At this point i decided i might as well do a page on simple monitor adjustments lol.

16/03/04 - Update: Wacked aload more code up on the CPP and ASM pages soon il be adding a TCL page for some simple modifications -> plugins for amsn

11/03/04 - Update: Was meant to be revising turing machine for an exam tommorow, got sidetracked and wrote a turing machine solver in php Here , interesting and works tho, codes on the php page

06/03/04 - Update: Added my LGP creator to downloads page, the LGP creator allows you to create and edit LGP archives, allowing you to extract files from FF7 datafiles such as textures models and sound files, it doesnt have a bug that ficedula's LGP creator seems to have, but at the same time doesnt preserve LGP ID's, so mine is better when wanting a proper archive and his when modifying ff7 game files, download it Here

06/03/04 - Update: Added my data encoder to the downlaods page, this program allows you to encode text into a bitmap file without distroying the picture substantially, if the picture has a lot of detail its hard to see the encoding, download it Here

05/03/04 - Random Thought: Ready Steady Cook countdown music is actually Iron Maiden - No More Lies, a wikid song with a gr8 bit of guitar work which is the ready steady cook music amazing.

29/02/04 - Random: After going to see 4 bands and drinking 3.5 pints of snakebite i coded up most of the webserver coursework.

The Bands were:
Lizard Called me, quite a cool band, mats band, there were great
The Warm, Started brilliantly with a gr8 song but there later songs were no where near the standard of the first
Sherlock - Resonable band, personally i prefered the other bands.
Hooker, amazing band i liked all there songs especially survive and flash flood, hopefully i will hear more of there stuff in the future as currently theres clips on there website but not much more.

24/02/04 - Update: Managed to fix my monitor, after strugling with the 14 inch monitor i finally gave up and had a go at fixing my 17 inch monitor, how i fixed it can be found Here .

20/02/04 - Update: Added some PHP code for download, first code up is the code for the dynamic clock as seen in the top left corner Here .

19/02/04 - My monitor has become unbearable I cant physically use it any longer the lack of focus makes reading text impossible, the time has come to use a 14 inch monitor ergh.

18/02/04 - Update: Got very bored in a lecture and managed to prove that Aeros provide a means to fly, ive proven it Here .

14/02/04 - Argh why is rattional rose annoying, it crashes far too much why I dont know and then just to top it off it cant find java.

8/02/04 - Found my old UT map MadCitadel on Beyond Unreal ! View it.

7/02/04 - Update: Added 3 new sections to PC Modding including info and pics on a windowed hard-disk and my custom serial to parralel convertor as well as a short peice on audio connectors Here .

5/02/04 - Update: After heavy use of bleach the site is starting to look cleaner again hopefully this will spawn a new lease of life for this site

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