Risc PC - General Info / First Time User Info

Risc PC - First Boot

If it doesn't work:
  • Reset the CMOS/BIOS
  • Check for Battery Leaks

Reset the CMOS/BIOS

This is useful when powering up a machine which was setup for an unknown screen or where the battery is flat.
  • Turn off the machine
  • Hold Delete down
  • Turn on the machine
  • Wait until cursor appears
  • Let go of Delete
  • The CMOS/BIOS is now Reset !

Remove the Battery!

Every Acorn Machine I have with a battery has had the battery which has gone dead and leaked which has damaged the board. Risc PC Mainboard / Motherboard showing CMOS Battery location. I would recommend that unless the machine is going to be used every day the battery should be removed.

Hint: Its easier to cut the legs on the battery rather than unsolder it. This also has several advantages as you can solder onto the legs in the future with less risk of damaging the board and you can still unsolder them in the future if required.
  • Open the machine
  • Remove all the Case Slices
  • Remove the power supply
  • Remove the motherboard
  • Remove the dead / leaking battery
  • Wash with Vinegar (This cleans any leakage)
  • Wash with Water (This washs away the vinegar)
  • Wash with Methalated Spirits (This washs away the water)
RISC PC Mainboard with battery removed.


One of the first questions I had was where are the configuration options !

Im not really sure when the options moved but in general.
  • IconBar -> !Apps -> !Configure
  • IconBar -> HardDisk -> !Boot

Using the Task/Command Window

Risc OS uses some quite different conventions to MS DOS.

. = Directory separator (MS DOS '/')
^ = Parent Directory (MS DOS '..')


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