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Risc PC - PC Card - Types

TI 40Mhz 486 (?Gemini I - Unknown?) RISC PC - PC Card - Texas Instruments 486 PC Card with 128kb Cyrix 100Mhz 586 (Gemini II) RISC PC - PC Card - Cyrix 586 PC Card with 128kb

Risc PC - PC Card - 586 Cache Size

When running PC Pro you should either select a cache size of 128 Kb (the default) or 512 Kb if you have it. This page explains how

Discovering your Cache Size

The amount of cache on a PC Card for a Risc PC can be discovered by looking at the card.

Gemini I = 128 Kb
Gemini II = 128 Kb or 512 Kb.

For Gemini II card if the Cache chips on the card fill all the avaliable pads then it is 512 Kb otherwise it has 128 Kb of Cache. (See Image)

Comparison of how a 128 Kb card would compare with a 512 Kb Card. RISC PC - PC Card - Comparision of 128Kb vs 512Kb.

Selecting the Cache Size in PC Pro

  • Find out the amount of Cache as described
  • Load Up !PCConfig
  • Click Advanced
  • Select the amount of Cache you have
  • Scroll down to the end and select save
  • Close !PCConfig
  • Run PC Pro!

Risc PC - PC Card - Installing Network Links

The zip file containing PC Pro should also contain Network Links.
  • Extract Network Links File
  • Hold Shift and Double Click on !PCPro (to Open its directory)
  • Browse into ...
  • Drop Network Links into this folder
  • Run PC Pro Config (Network Links Icon should be active)
  • Click Setup Network Links and select the required protocols
  • Close !PCConfig
  • Run !PCPro
If an error occurs when loading !PCPro see item "I Cubed Network Card" below.

Using the Network card in Windows 98

The easiest method I have found is to install Windows 98 with the network card enabled.
  • Install Network Links
  • Load !PCConfig
  • Double Click Advanced
  • Remember Network Card IRQ
  • Close !PCConfig
  • Run !PCPro and ensure no errors occur on load
  • Install Windows 98
  • Enter Network Card IRQ when required

Risc PC - PC Card - Setting up i cubed network card

To use an I Cubed network card with PC Pro Virtual mode must be enabled to use the card in both RISC and PC Pro. RISC PC - I Cubed Network Card

Enabling Virtual Mode

  • Load Task Window (Right Click on Risc Icon)
  • Run "*Configure EHVirtual On"
  • Load Up !PCConfig
  • Double Click Advanced
  • For Esgkd -deh1
  • Scroll down to the end and select save
  • Run !PCPro


If an error occurs on running PCPro it usually indicates EHVirtual is not active.
  • Load Configure (Usually done by Double Clicking on !Boot)
  • Double Click on Network
  • Ensure two devices are present
  • If not try setting EHVirtual again.

Risc PC - PC Card - Random Freezing / Lockups

Several combinations of PC Cards and Risc PC motherboards are incompatible and cause random lockups. I experienced this and initially believed my PC Card was at fault but found that the problem was with the Risc PC motherboard.

The following items might help:
  • Remove VRAM
  • Install non-StrongArm CPU
  • Try another motherboard
  • Turning off read and write cache (!PCConfig->Advanced)
  • Use a 486 PC Card (These seem to have better support although problem can still occur)
Modifications can be performed to fix the incompatibility but these seem quite complex.
PC Card Timing Modification
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