Asteroids Arcade Machine Repair Log 07/02/2010

Asteroids Machine Asteroids PCB Asteroids! Asteroids!

Symptom: Screen Dark

Cause: Contrast control phsically broken
Fix: Replaced Contrast control Variable Resistor on monitor PCB
Fix 2: Focus Connection of High Voltage PCB bad connection - Resoldered Odd Screen Image

Symptom: Asteroids PCB Dead

Cause: Physical Damage
- Broken CPU Holder - Replaced
- Broken EPROM Holder - Replaced
- Missing EPROM - New one written and put into machine
- Broken Switches - Replaced
- Missing Crystal - Replaced
- Missing Reset Switch - Replaced
- Broken PCB Traces - Bridged with small bits of wire Broken CPU and EPROM Fixed CPU and EPROM Broken DIP Switches Fixed DIP Switches

Symptom: Game seems to work but 1/2 of the screen is missing

Cause: Poor X-Y connection on Monitor PCB
Fix: Resoldered connection onto monitor PCB
Info: These problems seem fairly common and are caused by the screen being effectively 4 separate systems one for the positive and one for the negative in the x and y directions. These is quite good as it means it is alot easier to diagnose problems as one of them should work! Monitor PCB Monitor PCB Underside

Symptom: Game seems to work but monitor intermitantly dims / fades

Cause: Filament voltage not always present Monitor Tube can be seen going dark
Fix: Resoldered connection onto monitor PCB

Symptom: Game seems to work but has issues!

Symtoms: Random explosions saucers and space craft.
Cause: Memory Test fails indicating Memory Problem
Fix: Socketed memory chips and replaced top left memory chips. Memory Corruption messing up gameplay. Memory unsoldered and sockets added.

Symptom: Game works some controls not functioning

Cause: switches are a bit dodgy
Fix: Put paper in each switch and pulled out cleaning contacts Gaining Access to the controls The Switches!

Symptom: Game sometimes drops out

Cause: Poor connection between wiring harness and PCB
Fix: Tried cleaning PCB connections then gave up and Tinned PCB connections

Before Tinning Asteroids PCB Connector Edge Connector Before Cleaning After Tinning Asteroids PCB connector Edge Connector After Cleaning

Working Asteroids!

Working Asteroids Working Asteroids

Todo !

  • Replace Glass
  • Replace Instruction Overlay
  • Replace Screen Bezel
  • Secure base of PCB

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