Chenbro Mini Server

The Chenbro Mini Server case as shown in the middle below. It accepts the Mini ATX form factor Motherboard.
Pros:Amazing Case, Small Case
Cons:Power LED is too bright !
Chenbro Mini Server The case has four hot swapable drive bays which take standard 3 inch SATA Hard Drives. Chenbro Mini Server Drive Bay The case also has room for an internal laptop 2.5 inch PATA Hard Drive, this is useful for storing the Operating System on. Chenbro Mini Server Internal Drive Bay Their is also space for an internal CD/DVD Drive. This connects via an adapter to a PATA IDE. On the front is also room for an internal memory card reader and two front mounted USB ports. Chenbro Mini Server Front The back of the case has the power input plug the Motherboard backing plate and 2 cooling fans for the case. Chenbro Mini Server Back


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