HP ColorPro

This is a classic Pen Plotter from the 1980's It appears to be amazingly resilient.

Its simular to a normal printer in that it moves the paper and the printhead. The difference being the printhead is a pen that has been selected from a carousel containing 8 pens.

Another nifty feature is using the controls on the right of the plotter it is possible to use it to digitise information and to manually plot. HP ColorPro HP ColorPro Plotting The above image shows a plot in progress.

HP ColorPro - Driver

This is .Net code which allows you to easily use this plotter under .Net. To use this code create a new Instance of XXX and call DemoPlot.

Avaliable Commands:


HP ColorPro - Real Time Graphing

Using the above library a graph of temperatures was plotted in real time from my home automation system.

Every minuet the plotter draws an extra point on each line. The markings along the base representing tens of minuets and hours. HP ColorPro Plotting Graph HP ColorPro Plotting Graph

HP ColorPro - Wii Balance Board

Coming soon I have setup the a Wii Balance Board to output to the plotter.


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Clock showing current time.