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ATI 9500 NOT IGP driver with 3D acceleration

1. Compile AGP Support as a module
2. Compile support for your chipset as a module
DONT select DRM or any graphics drivers
3. Compile the module / install it

Currently the driver 3.7.6 doesnt support the 2.6 kernel, when compiling this poses a problem, to get around this and to make it work, the function

int __ke_amd_adv_spec_cache_feature(void)

must be forced to return 0;

int __ke_amd_adv_spec_cache_feature(void)
return 0;

//Original code

This allows the driver to compile and run

4. Edit /etc/modules and add

  your agp driver

not sure why it has to be a module but it works unlike if AGP support is compiled in

NF7 Crashing Fix

To allow the NF7 motherboard to run under linux without crashing / seg faulting / locking up i had to do the following
  • In the kernel options, disable Local APIC support on uniprocessors
  • In the bios set APIC mode to disabled and set CPU Disconnect to disabled

nx9005 Special Keys

This explains howto use the nx9005 special keys in linux including the 5 special buttons on the keyboard and the 3 audio controls on the side.

I believe ACPI needs to be enabled in the kernel, this is useful anyway as its a laptop.

  • Download the Loadable Kernel Module from
  • Compile the module and load it
  • Download the hotkeys program from
  • Compile and install hotkeys
  • Edit the nx9xxx.def file to add the functionality you want
    • Keycode 236 = Email
    • Keycode 178 = Web Browser
    • Keycode 139 = i
    • Keycode 222 = Lock
    • Keycode 210 = Help
    • Keycode 176 = Volume Up
    • Keycode 174 = Volume Down
    • Keycode 160 = Mute (use toggle mute or simular on alsamixer)


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