NEC E616V - Internet

Woa !, Randomly a few days ago the phone seems to have working DNS lookups my only guess is Virgin have updated the name of their DNS server, or have uploaded something to my phone to set it up.


Now Java games work !, for Java games goto

Old News and howto set internet up

Many believe it is just not possible to get on the internet with this phone unlocked, many have tried.

But with a NEC e616v unlocked and using Virgin you can (other operators not tried BUT SHOULD WORK)

Why does it not work for most people, it doesnt resolve DNS names !.

Okey heres how:
  • Set the APN Address
    • Menu
    • Settings
    • Network Setup
    • APN
    • APN 3
    • Edit
    • Enter 0000
    • EDIT "APN address"
    • to
  • Restart the phone.
You now should have 2 bars at the top

To Test the internet:
Press the internet key -> 3 dot key -> Enter URL -> And Theres Google !

Making the Internet Useable

To try and get around this im thinking of a clever website which grabs another site and modifies all URL's in it to point to itself but with the link as a parameter. YET TO BE FINISHED, il post an inital ver asap

For the moment you just have to ping the address you want on a pc and enter the IP into the phone to access it (doesnt work where virtual servers etc are concerned)

Also Java, I attempted to get any java program but every program I tried comes up application error, I think its trying to contact 3 with a web address or simular and so not working. So no Java, if anyone has any ideas I wanna know. :) NEC E616 Internet Connection NEC E616 Google

NEC E616V - Video

Many people have problems compressing video for the e616 (especially with good audio in the video), here I will present some settings that will compress most videos.

Program: Dicas - mpegable - Broadcaster (demo) (puts a logo in the corner) get it from here
  • Load mpegable Broadcaster up.
  • Basic I/O - Input File - Click Browse and select an input file.
  • Basic I/O - Output File - Click Browse and select an output file if required.
  • Basic I/O - Encoding Profile - Select "Mobile devices (3GPP compliant)" and click Apply Settings
  • Image Preprocessing - Cropping / Resizing - Click Setup - Select QCIF (176x144) - Click Ok.
  • Interoperabillity - 3GPP - Audio Codec - Select AAC
  • Audio Encoding - Bitrate - Select the Bitrate you want, (32-48 is ok).
  • Audio Encoding - Channels - Select mono to allow better quality.
  • Audio Encoding - Sample Rate - Select 44100Hz (or lower if using a low bitrate).
  • Video Encoding - Select a Video Bitrate
  • IMPORTANT Ensure the total Bitrate (video/audio) displayed in the Job List on the first line under bitrate is less than 128kBit/s.
  • Basic I/O - Click Record.
  • Done !
(Some videos just dont work these include WMV's and some divx audio formats)

Charger Photo

Unlockable phone's charger (other doesn't have the battery slot and is just a plain box with a socket for a 2 pin plug to connect), both have the wires to connect to the phones. NEC E616 Early Charger Charger from an Unlockable phone

USB Driver & File Transfew

Sorry, this link is now broken, and I cannot find the drivers anywhere The USB Driver was found here:


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