Acorn Archimedes

This is the Acorn Archimedes, i have 3 of them currently and this is what the inside of two of them is like Acorn Archimedes Front This is the older of the two, it has built in floppy and MFM drive controller (with support for 2 drives), On the right is the memory, the rightmost row is optional. the chips are labeled as follows (Right to left top to bottom) ARM CPU, Memory Controller, IO Controller and Video Controller. Acorn Archimedes Motherboard This is where expansion cards are plugged into, it rises from 1 into 4. Acorn Archimedes Bus board When the machine is assembled this is what it looks like with the PSU on the right System Bus Expansion in the middle. above the psu is a Fan with a filter and next to that the system battery. Acorn Archimedes Together The back of the machine has hi res Mono Video and syncing Analog RGB, Serial, headphones, Printer and econet. Acorn Archimedes Back This is much like the other motherboard except the battery is onboard and the CPU is now on a seprate card, Also the power connector has been combined into 1 and there is no hard disk controller built in. Acorn Archimedes Motherboard This is the Arm 3 CPU the Clock generator says 50Mhz. Acorn Archimedes CPU Card On this card is some more memory with a memory controlling chip. Acorn Archimedes Memory Card This is the riser card like as in the other machine. Acorn Archimedes Riser Card This machine looks much the same as the other except the PSU is much bigger and so there is no room for an extra fan Although this psu has Fan's built into it unlike the other one. Acorn Archimedes Together The back of this machine has Hires video, Verticle Sync and Horizontal Sync RGB Video, Headphones, serial,Printer and econet. Acorn Archimedes Back This is the standard econet adapter that seems to be used in most acorns. Acorn Archimedes Econet This is an IDE hard disk controller used in one of the acorns. With a position to mount a small harddisk as well as a large hard disk connector. Acorn Archimedes Hard Disk Controller IDE This is a simular card also an IDE controller. This has a connection for a small and large hard disk and mountings for both. Acorn Archimedes Hard Disk Controller IDE


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