Amstrad PC1640

In this picture the 8086 chip can be seen, made by AMD. There is a spare slot but im not sure what its for. Amstrad PC1640 CPU This is a picture of the mainboard visible are the 8 bit ISA slots, on the lower left is the keyboard and mouse ports, on the back are the serial printer and monitor connectors. Amstrad PC1640 Motherboard This is a picture of the motherboard and the cooling fan for the 20 meg hard disk. Amstrad PC1640 Case The 20 meg HDD, was making horrible noises tho later inspection has shown one of the heads has come of the arm wrecking the disk. Amstrad PC1640 Hard Disk This is a picture of the whole machine together. Amstrad PC1640 Together This is the boot screen actually saying the hard disk is broken sadly. Amstrad PC1640 Running


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