IBM Personel System 1

This is a picture of the IBM PS1's motherboard, there is a small cooling fan at the back an expansion bus at the front just to the left of this can be seen the 8386 chip below this the bios to the left of that there is the floppy connector and above this the hard disk connector with an unknown slot inbetween. IBM Personel System 1 Motherboard On the right can be seen the serial port which is plugged in seprately and on the left, im not sure what it is but it has the look of a co processor or memory add on with a metallic cover (above it). IBM Personel System 1 Serial Card This shows the computer together with the HDD and floppy drive. IBM Personel System 1 Hard Disk In this picture the computer can be seen fully together, it is interesting that the fan points directly over the slot device (memory or sumthing). IBM Personel System 1 Complete Here the back ports can be seen Left to right monitor, monitor, printer, PS1 Keyboard, PS1 Mouse, Serial IBM Personel System 1 Back This shows the front of the machine and the cooling ducts. IBM Personel System 1 Front The IBM PS/1 logo. IBM Personel System 1 Logo Here the machine can be seen running Windows 3 IBM Personel System 1 Running


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