CPU Ducting

As everyone knows a higher temprature difference between the cooling medium and the item being cooled results in better cooling as the air outside my PC case is cooler than the air inside it is of course logical to cool the cpu with this air and so ducting :D.

Step 1. Choose your ducting, my choices were Caraboat engine air intake pipe or 505 heater pipe. I Choose the caraboat engine air intake pipe even tho it smells of old boat. Choosing Ducting Step 2. Cutting and shaping the ducting to fit the case. Cutting and Shaping Step 3. Attach it to your cpu fan, my cpu fan was ideally suited to ducting. Connecting to the Fan Step 4. Fit the cpu fan and ducting into your case. Ducting in Case Step 5. Solder and replace the resistors on the Multicolour fan guard that got broken when fitting the ducting. LED Fan Repair


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