Windowed harddisk

This harddisk was choosen as it was expendable (recovered from a skip) and being only 800 meg. Hard Disk Image A To window this hard disk was relatively easy as i didnt window it just replace the whole top with 1/2 a cd case, after much searching i ended up buying a new cd just for the case! to find a nice top. Hard Disk Image B Once i had the top cut to size i placed it on the open hard disk and marked out the positions of the holes and drilled them in the required positions, this mod turned out quite easy considering. To keep the drive sealed i went around the edge with electrical tape. Hard Disk Image C Finding a place to mount the drive wasnt easy due to the need to be visible, i eventually found a place in front of the cards (see bottom left of pc pics) to do this i made a simple bracket that stands the drive up and screws onto the bottom of the drive and onto one of the card slots. Hard Disk Bracket


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