Winamp Remote Control V1.0

This is a remote control for winamp I built from an old video remote and a few resistors, This is possibly the simplest PC Mod to make ever im not even sure if it qualifies as a PC Mod.

Components Req.
  • 2 * 100k resistors
  • a selection of other resisitors and or variable resisistors
  • as many switches as you want
  • a 15 pin D connector
  • a peice of 2 core wire
Joystick Plug / Midi Port Wiring

To fool windows into believing a joystick is plugged in a 100k resistor needs to be placed on each axis.

Important pins
  • 1 = +5V VDC
  • 3 = Joystick 1 - X
  • 6 = Joystick 1 - Y
  • 8 = +5 VDC
  • 9 = +5 VDC (Usefull as it saves having to double up too many pins
Wiring This makes windows believe a joystick is plugged in (to the midi port) once this is done a pair of wires needs to be connected in parallel to the first resistor between pins 1 and 3 OR 3 and 9 (across the X-Axis) (These will goto the Remote). Wiring Front Wiring Top To build your own remote should be relatively simple, All R's are resistors and B's are Buttons, (Im not 100% sure about these resistances hence i chose high values if it goes off the end of the scale ie nothing registers try lower values)

As my remote control came in a ready made package I havent had a chance to build this section so im not too sure on the resistances to choose.
If anyone is interested in this and builds a remote which works (returns the diffrent values then I will release a plugin for winamp that allows it to work as currently its combined with my Vis Plugin, also can you send a picture for display on this website of the remote.) Circuit Diagram As I already had a remote i just had to connect the lead out of my remote to the PC. Remote Front


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