PIC Programmer

PIC programming is useful as it allows you to build electronic hardware and to implement software into the hardware at little cost and relatively easily.

Programmer for PIC 16C84, 16F84, 16F627, 16F628

Searching the internet I have been unable to find a programmer as simple as this one which was built from a schematic ages ago, if anyone does know the source then they will be acknoledged as the source is still unknown. This programmer is the simplest I have seen utilising no external power surply and only 6 components. It connects to the computers serial port.

Note: It appears this design is simular to the COM84 Programmer.
PIC Programmer Circuit (Click for full sized Image) Components
  • 2x Resistor 4.7K
  • 1x Resistor 10K
  • 1x Capacitor Electrolytic 100uF
  • 1x 5v Voltage Regulator LM7805
  • 1x Diode (Pretty Much Any Diode)
Maplins Total Cost: ~95p + a socket and some board

A possible PCB solution for this is provided below, I have not yet built this as I still use a stripboard based version which I believe is equal to and possibly smaller in size.
PIC Programmer PCB (Click for full size) PIC Programmer PCB2 (Click for full size) PIC Programmer PCB (Click for full size) PIC Programmer PCB2 (Click for full size)

Using the Programmer

ICProg - http://www.ic-prog.com/
Works well for programming the 16C84 and 16F84 but fails with the 16F628.

WinPic - http://people.freenet.de/dl4yhf/winpicpr.html
This programing software with a few config changes works well for all PIC's using this programmer.

Options tab - raise Vdd before MCLR=Vpp has to be enabled.
Device, Config tab - Low Voltage Programming has to be disabled (could possibly leave this enabled from the start).
Programmer Type - JDM and COM84 should work.

Sample Code and How to use HI-TECH PIC-C with the 16F628 are provided on the PIC ASM & PIC-C pages respectively.

All Schematics created using the really good Eagle Program


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