This is the tesla coil i have built. The Tesla Tesla coil attacking a Motherboard!

Tesla - Transformer

10kv 50ma Neon Sign The neon sign transformer The Neon Sign Transformer was tested by building a simple Jacobs Ladder. This is done by connecting the output of the transformer onto two rails running vertically but angled out slightly to spread the spark.

Tesla - Capacitor

The Capacitor Bank Here a couple of the segments can be seen. You can see how I have placed a bleeder resistor accross each capacitor to drain away any charge when not in use. The bank is made up of segments. Here the bleeder resistors can be seen. The banks are electrically connected to studding in two of the corners. The opposite corners are done in plastic studding. The detail of the join can be seen below. The banks are electrically connected to studding in two diagonally opposite corners. The others corners are done in plastic studding.

Tesla - Primary

The primary is made using ?6?mm diameter copper microbore water pipe which is secured onto Plastic mounts.

The plastic mounts are constructed using chopping board. The chopping board is an ideal material being non conductive, easy to work and very strong (It is held down using bolts into the edge of the chopping boards). The primary of the Tesla.

Tesla - Secondary

The secondary was wound using a Jig by hand to prevent any problems occuring. (This took a while!) Once the wire was wound the secondary was varnished with several coats of varnish. Winding the secondary coil. At the base of the secondary a copper tag has been added for the earthing end of the secondary to connect to. This makes it easy to remove the secondary without risk of damaging the lower connection. The base of the secondary. !!! ADD INFO ABOUT TOP OF SECONDARY !!!

Tesla - Spark Gap

Tesla - Framework

The framework is constructed using two sheets of MDF separated by plastic drawin pipe. This is held in place by 10mm studding running from top to bottom. The framework

Tesla - Safety

The tesla coil has a safety gap to prevent high voltages passing back into the neon sign transformer and back into the mains. This has been constructed using the inside of 3 mouse balls which have been drilled and tapped to be placed on studding for adjustment.

A surge protector has also been added to try and prevent too much interference travelling back into the supply. (This can be seen behind the safety gap) Safety

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