Ransomes and Rapier 4 inch Water Pump

ManufacturerRansomes and Rapier Ipswitch
Pump DateApprox 1950's
Capacity25,000 gallons per hour
Suction Lift25 foot
Head Lift90 foot
Req. Power12 horse power
Req. RPM1,800 rpm
EngineFord E93A (Same as Ford Popular and Ford Prefect)

I must finish painting it got distracted running it. Testing head ! Garden Fountain !

Water Pump - Restoration

This is the cowling that covers the Engine on the water pump. In the back of the cowl is the fuel tank. The trailor has handles for moving the pump and is fully braked. The pump can be seen below it is a Ransomes and Rapier 4 inch self priming pump.

Water Pump - Ford E93A Sidevavle Engine Rebuild

When the water pump was bought the engine had been left with the inlet manifold open to the rain and no spark plugs in. this had led to corrosion in the cylinder bores.

The Ford E93A Sidevalve engine on initial investigation with Oil in the bores trying to free it. This shows the sidevalve layout. The valves were very tight and required working to get them moving (Using a hammer at times!). The pistons were finally removed by pushing them out from the top (requiring careful hammering!) Once the engine had been cleaned up the bearing and bores looked ok so it was reassembled. The next picture shows the crankshaft being reinstalled. (This engine has cast in bearings rather than shells) Here the engine can be seen reassembled and painted. (The head has yet to be put on) As with some old engines this one overheats when working hard!


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