HP/Compaq nx9005 Laptop

This is a relativly powerfull laptop from around ? 2003 ?

On this page I have photos of how to dismantle the laptop to replace components and clean it ! Also here are photos of how to install a wireless antenna as mine didn't come with one.

CPU: Mobile Athlon 2400
Graphics: Radeon IGP 320M
Network: National Semiconductor Corp. DP83815/816 10/100
Wireless Lan: Broadcom 802.11b/g
Touchpad: Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad
Screen: 15inch, 1024x786 32M Colours

Drivers: HP nx9005 Website HP nx9005 Laptop

HP/Compaq nx9005 Laptop Dismantling

These are some photos taken during dismantling to install a wireless card, antenna and a new keyboard and touchpad.

The procedure is probably simular for other makes & models of laptops.

Step 1:

The HDD is removed first to ensure it isnt damaged. The 2 screws are undone then it is pulled out. HDD Screws

Step 2:

Then the button / hinge cover is removed. The Button Panel Remove the button panel screws Button Panel Screws Finally unclip the button panel Button Panel Removed

Step 3:

Next the keyboard is removed. First the screws are removed. Keyboard Screws Then the keyboard is lifted off. (Carefully unclip the wire) Keyboard Removed

Step 4:

The screen is then removed. First the wire should be uncliped. To do this its worth removing the Left speaker. The screws are then undone. Removing the screen screws

Step 5:

The final step is removing the top. To do this remove the screws from underneath. Removing the top underneath screws And the two screws from the back and from the top under the keyboard. Removing the top back screws

End Result

The laptop in bits ! Laptop in bits !

HP/Compaq nx9005 Laptop Wireless Antenna Installing

The procedure is probably simular for other makes & models of laptops.

Step 1:

The screen bezel screw covers are first removed and then the 6 screws removed. Screen Bezel Screws The screen bezel is then uncliped, mine has had a bit of a hard life ! Screen Bezel Removed

Step 2:

Four screws which hold the screen in place are then removed.

Note: Be carefull of the screen power surply (underneath the screen) as they tend to break easily also be carefull of the screen as it is delicate in this state. Screen Screws

Step 3:

Carefully remove the screen back panel and peel back the tin foil. Screen Back Panel

Step 4:

Now you can place the antenna onto the screen back, note i experimented to find the best orientations and locations its probably worth you doing this also. Antenna Install


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