Function Plotter

On discovering limitations in free plotting programs i set off on a mission to write a function plotter that would plot any function A=B where A and B are functions contains X,Y or Z and operators. The result of this so far is a function plotter which can do this produce a resonable looking wireframe and overlays a surface onto the wireframe, as soon as it reaches a point where im happy with it i will probably release it on this website possibly open source if the code is upto it.

The actual solver uses Polish Notation and works reasonably well.

This is the initial front end for the rebuilt version of the function plotter (previous versions could plot polar/cylindrical graphs). Function Plotter Front End This shows the console output which has details about the plot. Function Plotter Console Here the plotter can be seen the graph (of which details can be seen in the console view) blue are quads green are triangles. Function Plotter Example Graph A Here another graph can be seen this one a pendant 4*x^2*(x^2+y^2+z^2+z)+y^2*(y^2+z^2-1)) Function Plotter Example Graph B


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