Simple Video Convertor (.flv / .mov /.avi)

This is a free simple video convertor.

Click here to Download Simple Video Convertor

Simple Video Convertor Whats it do ?
Converts most file formats into mpg (MPEG) files which can be played in most media players including Windows Media Player.

Converts .flv to .mpg
Converts .mov to .mpg
Converts .avi to .mpg

What else is needed ?
FFmpeg - Download Here

Dowload FFmpeg, extract to somewhere sensible (such as "C:\FFmpeg") then run Simple Video Convertor and select the FFmpeg executable (such as "C:\FFmpeg\bin\FFmpeg.exe").

Why not just use FFmpeg ?
There is no reason not to, indeed this just calls FFmpeg all this does is make it easy to call FFmpeg with some sensible command line parameters.

Techy Stuff - Hows it work ?
This works by calling FFmpeg with the following parameters


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