Bubbly Light Hypothesis

Due to much research into aeros (eating them constantly) i have concluded they have some special properties. Per 100g of bubbly aero chocolate 29g is fat and therefor i assume becomes fat the rest just vapourises yes this may flaw my study but hey. input 100g output 29g
Delta M = 71g therefore:

Actual obtained energy is 2212J
Efficiency = 2212/6x10^15 = 3.4x10^-13 %
VERY inefficient we think this could be improved alot by Nestle though more reseach and a better refining process.

The energy from the aero goes into bubbly light energy which helps raise the eater (assuming weight gained is weight of fat):
Force Down = 9.8 x (0.029+Weight)
Force Up = 2212J

Therfore for the user to maintain an equilibrium:
2212 = 9.8 x (0.029+Weight)
2212=0.2842 + 9.8xweight

therefor if the eater weighs less than 225 Kg they can fly if using the bubbly light energy properly.

Next il be looking at the healing effects of coke or ewww pepsi (it was 62p a bottle). A BAD Diet


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