Advanced Computer Graphics

This is a selection of graphics work I have done whilst at university. Most of the programs use OpenGL.

Software Engineering Group Project
Principals of Computer Graphics
Advanced Computer Graphics

Second Year Software Engineering Group Project

For the 2003 SEG Project I wrote a software 3D renderer using the painters algorithum onto a normal Java Graphics panel. The advantage of a software implementation was it was cross-platform and required no extra librarys while providing a unique look at the airport. It also supports selection so the user can click on planes as they landed or while they sat in a stand.
SEG project

Third Year Principals of Computer Graphics

This is my first coursework it has a primitive shape, complex shape (spring), composite shape shock absorber and advanced object, a car with an animated engine.
Download Coursework 1
Graphics Coursework 1

This is the second coursework I did for third year computer graphics, effects include particle engine, portal engine, environment mapping, multitexturing, stencil buffer for reflections and lots of polygons.
Download Coursework 2
Graphics Coursework 2

Graphics Coursework 2 Graphics Coursework 2

Graphics Coursework 2 Graphics Coursework 2

All Models Copyright(c) Andrew Lewis, some will be made avaliable at a later date.

Fourth Year Advanced Computer Graphics

This is just a quick tempory page, will fill it in at a later date with more info.

This is my experiences of extending Jos Stams fluid solver as presented at xxx [insert ref]. This is the first version of the solver with a density, pressure and temprature.
Download Fluid Demo
Fluid Density

Fluid Pressure Fluid Temprature

To demonstrate it in a game environment I have put it into my third year computer graphics.
Download Coursework 2 with Fluid Solver
Graphics Coursework 2 with Fluid Solver


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