These are a few projects i have ongoing or want to start, some may seem crazy but there all soundly based.

PC - Software Controlled fans (ongoing)

In my previous pc i had software controlled fans running of the parallel port bit banging to some serial DAC's which drove power Opamps and so the fans, this worked quite well as i could select a speed between stopped and full speed, with the advent of the new case theres less space so how its going to be fit in is still being worked out, hopefully sort it this easter, also it has to be converted to run of the new serial - parallel convertor and new programs written.

PC - Temprature Sensors (ongoing)

After much messing about with thermistors on the gameport i found 1-wire temprature sensors from maxim these devices are amazing ask for the temprature and they tell you a temprature (there a bit slow sadly due to the nature of the 1-wire design). As each device has a unique id it is possible to identify many of the devices when connected to the same data line so i have sensors for cpu, gfx, hard disk, input and output temps hopefully i will put this back into my pc this easter as well especially where theres not much to it.

Heat / Fire

Build a temprature sensor that works on colour, IR or equivalent (ongoing)

This project is here as it is needed for the next project so far i havent looked into how i would build it but im sure its possible otherwise maybe a simple colour chart of tempratures.

Producing Sodium using electrolosis on moltern salt, (ongoing)

Past experiments have proven i can melt table salt the only problem being that sodium vaporises at about 877 deg C and salt melts are 810 deg C so my attempts at producing sodium failed miserably as it vaporised or just wasnt created (im not sure what currents are needed). I know i was over the temprature by along way tho as the steel pot i was using melted (steel melts around 1510 deg C!).

Thermite, burns hot burns quick!

I havent found much infomation on thermite other than it being really simple to produce (aluminium filings and rust heated and melted together), the only problem i can see with thermite is lighting it (requires really high tempratures) possible sources of ignition are: ark welder, gas blow torce, magnesium strip.

Lockwood Pulsejet

Lockwood Pulsejet
Looking at many designs for jet engines the lockwood pulsejet looks by far the easiest design to build as it doesnt have any valves and looks relatively simple to build unlike other designs.Some people are confusing this with the design of the V1, the V1 had valves the lockwood is valveless and invented in the 60's.

High Voltage

Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil
A teslca coil is an air resonance transformer... Basically it makes sparks components i have are as follows several variacs i can use for input voltage control and a micrcowave oven transformer (need a better transformer really this should work for a mini coil 10cm high or so).

Jacobs Ladder (DONE WORKING see Random Pics)

Jacobs Ladder
A jacobs ladder works by a spark starts at the bottom then the current flows ionising the air and the spark rises as the ionised air heats up then it goes out at the top and starts at the bottom again.


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